Hangar Flying with Chris Davis

This section of our web site features small informational video segments with Chris Davis, CS&A's Light Aircraft Division Manager. Please see below videos and topics. Enjoy! Please send us an e-mail if you would like information on a specific aviation insurance subject.

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Medical Payments

Off Airport Operations

100LL -vs- Auto Fuel

Airshows / Fly-In Waivers

Ficticious Named Insured

Training in Your Aircraft

Personal Non-Owned

Non-Owned on Aircraft Policies

CFI Non-Owned

Named Insured -vs- Additional Insured

Aircraft Values

Repair Parts & First Right of Refusal

Automatic Increase of Value

AD & Service Bulletin Compliance

Premium Break Points

Transition Pilots

Emergency Landing Coverage

Hurricane Relocation

Trip Interruption

How Are Rates Determined

Aerial Photography

Sport Pilot

Open Pilot Warranty